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Awakenings With Candace
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Hi, I'm Candace

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Energy Healer

Hi! I am so glad you found my page! My name is Candace; I am a Certified Master Level Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, 3x certified health & life Coach, and a Psychic Medium.


My journey began after the birth of my second daughter. Her arrival catapulted me into somewhat of a rude awakening where I was forced to look at my life and how my inner dialogue, subconscious beliefs, and childhood traumas were dictating how I lived. I began searching for both traditional and alternative ways to heal my mind, body, and soul. As I focused on healing those deep wounded spaces I found myself turning on Intuitive gifts, like the ability to see auras or talk to Spirits on the other side. This awakening changed my life in the most magical ways and helped me find who I was underneath all those layers of pain, shame, and conditioning. Now I use my intuitive gifts to help others find the healing they deserve. 


I am merely the channel or conduit for your ultimate healing. I work closely with your Spirit Team and Angels to help you receive the healing that you need for your highest good and I am honored that I get to be a witness to that healing process. 

Awakening Souls Podcast

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Three professional intuitive friends gather together to share their unique wisdom, insight and guidance on spirituality, intuitive gifts, personal growth,  spiritual awakenings, and so much more. There is no telling where these magical conversions may lead. Join them on the magical journey of exploring your Awakening Soul!
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Kind Words


“I had a half hour mediumship session with Candace. I originally set up an appointment out of curiosity, and it ended up being so meaningful and clarifying. A lot of things I have been wondering about, turned out to be connected to signs from a loved one. It gave me extra gas to keep pushing and know that something I have been working on, actually plays a bigger part in my life than I realized. So grateful for that.”


“This reading may have been of the best I have ever had. It was also the first reading that I wasn’t necessarily looking for a message from an ancestor but more so from guides and such.”


“If anyone is hesitant about connecting with your loved ones do not give it a second thought. I would highly recommend working with Candace! I was amazed at who came through with messages for me and I will definitely be working with her again.”

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