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Private Group Mediumship Readings

Book Me for a private reading at your home or online

The gift of mediumship came to me shortly after the passing of my Grandmother... Like, the week of! Now, I was already doing spiritual healings, reiki, and intuitive work, but talking to the departed was not exactly a part of my normal healing. After her passing, my Grandmother came to me every single day in such radiant and vivid color. She blew the mediumship door wide open and brought others' loved ones to me to deliver messages. Suddenly, every single session I had was accompanied by a loved one on the other side pushing for me to announce their presence.  Now, I use this newfound gift to help you reconnect with your loved ones who have passed.

I intend to provide you with powerful, divine insight and wisdom from those on the other side who wish to come forward to share messages of love, healing, peace, and gentle guidance on your life’s path. Through this process, you can gain clarity and deeper understanding in areas of your life, as well as the closure and validation you need to heal and move forward. What to expect: Depending on the size of your party, please know that it is not possible to give every individual a thorough reading. There is a chance that some people will not get a chance to connect with the ones they were hoping for. Please know if that is so, you are there for a divine purpose, and there is always something of value to gain from being a witness to this healing process.

If you are within 20 miles of the Ottawa, IL, area, you can book me for an in-person private group reading for your friends and family in your home!

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