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Testimonials & Kind Words

“I had a half-hour mediumship session with Candace. I originally set up an appointment out of curiosity, and it ended up being so meaningful and clarifying. A lot of things I have been wondering about turned out to be connected to signs from a loved one. It gave me extra gas to keep pushing and know that something I have been working on, actually plays a bigger part in my life than I realized. So grateful for that.” 


“The amount of positive things I can say about my session with Candace is far beyond the space I have to write today but what I will say is that I have had many sessions with other mediums and today’s session was so vastly different, refreshing, and beautiful. Not only was she able to give messages from Spirit and my loved ones that have crossed over to the other side, she was able to give clarity. I’ve been at a crossroads and she was able to channel exactly what I needed to hear from guides and my loved ones to help me along my earthbound journey. Having done both a Zoom session and an in-person session with her, there is not a difference in how the message is conveyed. Near or far, you can feel Candace’s kind and nurturing presence from the moment you walk in the door or log into the session. She creates a comfortable environment so that you can receive messages without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. She not only has a gift, she is a gift. I am so thankful. I can’t wait for my next session.”



“My session with Candace was amazing. She was very thorough and it allowed me to connect with loved ones in an honest and meaningful way. I will definitely be scheduling another session with her in the future.”

~ Michelle

“So grateful I scheduled a mediumship reading with Candace. I’ve been navigating a really difficult two years, which Candace had no idea about, as I was a complete stranger. Within a few minutes, I received what I needed most, and left the call both in awe and with gratitude for the messages I received. Candace was able to communicate the immense love and support that exists from specific loved ones that I talk to all of the time. The call was both healing and emotional!Thanks, Candace! And thank you for the gift you also gave to my sis, niece and friend :)”


“This reading may have been of the best I have ever had. It was also the first reading that I wasn’t necessarily looking for a message from an ancestor but more so from guides and such.”


“I had a truly lovely experience with Candace connecting with my Mom who passed away nearly 10yrs ago. Some of the things that came up felt like I was really having a conversation with her again.  It was so special and Candace has a true gift.”

~ Sara

“I went into this session with hopeful expectations and was certainly gifted with numerous contacts.  I know sometimes you think people know you so they can say things that lead you to give them information.  This is not the case.  Candace shared a contact that was so meaningful and one that I had heard during a different session with a different healer.  If you want to be open and try to connect with spirit I would definitely recommend Candace"

~ Lu

“Candace is an extremely gifted soul. Our session together allowed me to connect with a loved one who passed and get answers to questions I've had for several years. I was able to get some closure and understanding. I look forward to working with you again very soon!”


“If anyone is hesitant about connecting with your loved ones do not give it a second thought. I would highly recommend working with Candace! I was amazed at who came through with messages for me and I will definitely be working with her again.”


“I’m amazed at Candace’s talents. She was very specific and got things exactly correct and in fine detail. I highly recommend her. I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience with her. Truly amazing.”


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