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House Calls

If virtual healings are not your cup of tea, allow me to treat you to the healing power of energy healings in your home. 


 I love virtual healings, and while I do believe in the power and value of virtual sessions, I also know that nothing can replace that in-person connection. The power, strength, and magic of in-person healing is unmatched!


So, if you are within 30 miles of the Ottawa or Leland, IL area you can book a house call! Let me bring the healing experience to you! 

Book a Healing
Image by Alexander Grey
“I am amazed at Candace's talents. She was very specific and got things exactly correct and in fine detail. I highly recommend her. I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience with her. Truly amazing.


Group Mediumship Readings

Are you looking for a memorable experience to share with your friends and family? Consider booking a private group reading in your home!

Virtual and in-person offerings

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